By Mark Hitchcock

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Four thousand years in the past, amid tragic discomfort and loss of life, activity requested the query of the a while: "If a guy dies, will he stay again?" because the sunrise of heritage, the topic of loss of life and the afterlife has been the good query of human life. it is a topic that everybody wonders approximately. What lies at the back of the veil of demise? Is there relatively lifestyles after loss of life? Is there a spot known as hell? This small but power-packed ebook solutions, in a really common, reader-friendly layout, the entire most-asked questions usual humans have approximately demise, near-death reports, cremation, purgatory, hell, heaven, and our destiny our bodies. you will be surprised at what awaits us past the grave.

Is There intercourse in Heaven?

It's a good query! And so are the remainder. move ahead...flip to the desk of contents. observe one other one, , or fifty-four others which are bound to intrigue you. Questions like: Do these in heaven recognize what is taking place on the earth? and Will I see my...

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Why Should We Spend Time Thinking About Heaven? 25. What Is Heaven Like? 26. What About People Who Claim to Have Visited Heaven? … 27. Does St. Peter Really Sit at the Pearly Gates of Heaven? 28. Will People in Heaven Play Harps? 29. Are There Rewards in Heaven? 30. What Kinds of Rewards Will God Give? 31. Will Every Believer Receive a Reward in Heaven? PART FIVE: Angels and the Afterlife 32. When Christians Die, Do Angels Carry Them to Heaven? … 33. Do People Become Angels in Heaven? PART SIX: Everyday Life in Heaven 34.

7. What About Soul Sleep? 8. What About Near-Death Experiences? 9. Do Some People Get a Glimpse of Heaven Before They Die? … 10. Is Reincarnation Consistent with the Bible? 11. Can the Dead Communicate with the Living? 12. Is Fear of Death Normal? PART TWO: Grave Matters 13. Should Christians Be Cremated? PART THREE: The Other Side of the Good News 14. Is Hell a Real Place? 15. What Is Hell Like? 16. Are There Different Parts of the Underworld? 17. How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? 18. Is Hell in the Center of the Earth?

Dr. Walter C. Wilson was a Kansas City physician who taught the Bible and led evangelistic crusades. He once talked to an atheist who said, “ Dr. ”; “I do believe that death ends all,”; the man maintained. “So do I,”; Wilson replied. “What! ”; “I certainly do,”; he answered. “Death ends all your chances of doing evil; death ends all your joy; death ends all of your projects, all your ambitions, all your friendships; death ends all the gospel you will ever hear; death ends it all for you, and you must go into outer darkness.

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