By Arthur Gray

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During this captivating and thought-provoking 1926 quantity, Arthur grey, grasp of Jesus university, Cambridge from 1912 to 1940, explored the prospect that William Shakespeare spent his adolescence at Polesworth corridor within the woodland of Arden, might be serving as a web page boy. The woodland of Arden as soon as stretched from simply north of Stratford-upon-Avon to Tamworth, and lined what's now Birmingham; Polesworth, close to Tamworth, was once the house of Sir Henry Goodere and the centre of the famed 'Polesworth Circle'. This ultimate concentration of inventive and cultural job may have provided the younger William publicity to the best minds, a superb schooling and necessary introductions. Sir Henry, who obviously knew John Shakespeare in Stratford, was once definitely customer of many younger writers and musicians, together with the eminent Elizabethan poet, Michael Drayton. If grey is true, Drayton may were a latest of Shakespeare's at Polesworth.

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B. W. , which obviously stand for Richard Burbage and William Shakespeare. As 'painting' refers to Burbage, who had some reputation in that line, so ' poesy' refers to Shakespeare. Davies means that the two players had secondary gifts of genius, and that the twofold 'quality' of each of them fitted them for stations above the 'ungentle' profession of players. Nothing is in either of them that does not promise ' all good'— intelligence, confidence, good looks, good breeding. In a word, they are 'generous,' and in Elizabethan phrase 'generous' meant exactly what generosus 28 William Shakespeare, Gentleman meant in descriptive style—'gentleman,' one who has the essential marks which should distinguish birth and breeding.

Must thou needs stand for a villain in thine own work? ' Bad as the Poet is, he has a high conception of the business of Poetry. He fails in respect of personal motive, but there is art in the artist. e. ' Is it worth while further to demonstrate Shakespeare's abhorrence of satire and the judicial hypocrisy involved in anonymous censure of individuals? The Banished Duke may answer for him, when to Jaques, who claims for himself a charter as the wind, to blow on whom he pleases, he replies: 'Fie on thee!

I turn to the Index in his second volume under the heading Shakespeare, William. ' For all these statements there is no foundation of fact, and 14 The Stratford Legend most of them have no probability to recommend them. Worse than that, they remove the real Shakespeare from us and make him incomprehensible, a portent. Portent-belief is only possible if the portents happened long ago and in conditions unknown. It is our ill fortune that we look on Shakespeare over an empty gulf of three centuries.

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