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The Glossa ordinaria at the bible stands as one of many major achievements of the interval in western highbrow historical past often called the Renaissance of the 12th century. regardless of the nice variety of nonetheless extant manuscripts little or no is understood in regards to the situations round its composition. This situation is partially defined by means of the shortcoming of contemporary serious variation of the Glossa Ordinaria.

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Judgments 1. 11. judges 6. heaven 7. priests 12. (two) hands 3. kingdoms 8. mothers 2. 4. (two) ears c. Read the following passage out loud. Then pick out the words that you recognize and translate them. ") ·prcq ni:J:JW c·t, ip~ 1i~'? l< rii; niiiJOO C'7~1 11~ ntl~GO ~ih ::l? (Prov 6:17-18) 1. Lesson IV Hebrew Roots and Patterns Every Hebrew word is theoretically characterized by (a) its root, usually comprised of three consonants called "radicals;' and (b) by its pattern, the combination of the radicals with various vowels, prefixes, and I or suffixes, if any.

Seer C'~i shepherds Final il ... is removed before the mp, fs, or fp ending. N god, God, (the god) El blood (fs; fp: ntq~) land, earth, country (fs; fp: ni~l':t) mother God, gods ',~ C'ij',~ c~ r1~ T (ms or fs) way, road C1 1T! ) sword Vocabulary I judgment, justice, right, custom. W judge. Verb: U;>t_p to judge (always dual) water (ms; irreg. ) heart, mind (fs) hand, power ::210 ,~ :J~? I :J? C~~ U~tp~ tv~} (fs) eye, spring (fs; fp: nitv~~) self, person (traditionally, "soul"), breath, will r~ mouth (always plural) face, presence.

R. Driver, and Charles A. Briggs (Oxford: Clarendon, 1907). It is popularly known as B DB, after the initials of the editors. Based on a German lexicon from the nineteenth century; this reference work is now outdated. Yet, for most students who read only English, there is still no substitute that is both adequate and easily affordable. For the beginning student, B DB is difficult to use primarily because it is not arranged alphabetically, but according to roots. For instance, the noun IJ~F;, (altars) is not listed as it is spelled, but after the verb n~l and.

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