By C. L. Seow

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A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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And beautiful I. lil1 and they were feeding. 4. like a consuming fire 5. ~) them '~ a hand that is stretched o ut aga in st me 8. yo u (ms) a rc mo re ri ghteo us than I I ,r v I9 : 1~9 1~t;l ni~lllit. ~~ in nil lh c Iand o f Egy pt. :J~hi and (s uhj ccl) ate . _J "\) cJ. ~. Demonstratives I 105 Lesson X I. Vith _adjectives (and participles fu nctioning as adjectives), it stands in the final_position- after the adjective(s).

Collective nouns (III. f) may have adjectives in the plural: ni:in 1~¥ large flock (Gen 3o:4 3) d. g) may have the adjective in the singular. il~j? lJ'}1~ a hard master (lsa I9:4) 5· Special Uses of 1~ a. Comparative. There is no independent word in Hebrew for the English word than. Instead, comparison is most commonly expressed by the preposition 11? placed before the noun that is surpassed. The adjective is used with 11? in this way. tD~ll) pit)9 'J~O TP- sweeter than honey (Judg J4:I8) stronger than a lion (Judg J4:I8) At times 11?

I11~::1~ strength, might 1ii (pl. usually ni1ii) generation l'1T -~ 1#1~ 10~ f*' i1i'l~ i11o/ CW i1~tf seed. Verb: l'1T to sow -T desert, wilderness, wasteland (pl. ni10~ or 0''10~) river (pl. 0'¥*') tree, wood pharaoh (the king of Egypt) (pl. ni1lp) field, country (pl. ni~W) name (fp . NJ1 Daniel •• • you (ms) and they (mp) alike Io. lo, you are" wiser than Daniel i1~~! Rebecca Elijah 02 d. Translate the following into English: T Exercise 9 a. Translate into English: I. Oil? 2. ri::J 3· •: 6. T .

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