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1 1 . Kamta kulaka purlami. 12. Wati kulaka wangkami. At this stage, go back and revise, and d o n 't go on ti l l you have l earnt this part of the l esson off by h eart, so that when the n ext new feat u re i s added below, you are building o n a fi rm foundatio n . QU ESTIONS In 13-21 below you will see how easy it is to make a sentence which asks a question requiring 'yes' or 'no' as the answer. Rather than the falling pitch on the statement sentences 1-12, the voice melody or intonation finishes on a high pitch in the question sentences.

Ngulaju Nangala She is Nangala. What does that word mean? To question the meaning of a word, try the following formula: Nyiya watiyaju? Nyiya WORD+ju/ji What does watiya mean? The +ju ending goes on words that end in a or u, while +ji goes on words that end in i. The effect of +ju/ji is to 'quote' the word in question. 28 Part Three � 18. Listen to and repeat the following examples. Nyiya watiyaju? What is 'watiya'? Nyiya kamtaju? What is 'kamta'? Nyiya pirliji? What is 'pirli'? Learn i ng h i nts • Revise the material in this section before going on to the lessons in Part Four.

VOCABU LARY Listen to these additional words, repeat them and memorise them: yama shade, film (motion picture) rdaku hole warlu fire, hot, firewood w1rn watercourse yarlu clearing wulpayi creek (synonym of karru) manangkarra spinifex plain yuwurrku scrub watiya tree, stick kartaku billycan jurlpu bird puluku bullock, cow, cattle (from English bullock) kuyu meat, animal marlu kangaroo wapami move, walk about jankami bum, cook, heat Lesson Two 47 About the vocabulary • • • • Warlpiri people made various types of shelters: yujuku or ngantu to pro­ tect themselves from rain, yama or malurnpa to protect themselves from the sun and yunta or rdupa for protection from the wind.

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