By Alger F. Johns

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This normal grammar publication of biblical Aramaic, utilized by scholars at many seminaries and universities, is the single one to incorporate graded routines on the shut of every of its twenty classes.

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An-n- an-nn; (plural) pan-n? ) an-pa nan-iia; (plural) ]-an::na (D) Ithpaal: the sole attested form is irregular because the laryngeal cannot be doubled and the preceding vowel is lengthened in compensation for the lack of doubling by the » (see I 8 b). Perfect: (plural) lB»-nx 7. Verbs Pe Yodh and Lamedh Laryngeal: Most of the irregularities which occur in both the Pe Yodh class and in the Lamedh Laryngeal class occur in this class of doubly weak verbs. This is true in spite of the fact that this class is limited in BA t o the root v i - in the Peal and Haphel conjugations.

Lanan (masc. ) The Haphel Participles a r e : anana (masc. sing, active) anana (masc. sing, passive) nanana (f. sg. active or passive) panana (m. pi. active or passive) janana (f. pi. active or passive) As was true with the Pael, the Haphel likewise has only a few actual occurrences in the regular (strong) verbs of BA. ) — second-person masculine singular — third person masculine plural npbpn nVst^n Itnn Imperfect — third person masculine singular Infinitive — VpEJn'' nVsiPn Imperative — masculine singular cbtn 5.

Ai ovp o-i? i "jnana x-ato sa'pa p-rx (e) xniaVa ]pt^i n -ni"??? '! »- •q'? -nm"-] (10) aVs n-a"? nayn? Nwa l a s - i " ' ? ni (12) 47 LESSON XI PE N U N , PE Y O D H , A N D PE A L E P H VERBS 1. Pe Nun Verbs: Most of the irregularities in this class of verbs occur because a nun at the end of a syllabic is often assimilated to the consonant beginning the following syllable, even to a laryngeal (I 2). However, this is not universal, for the nun may also be retained, especially in the Haphel. Naturally, no irregularities are caused by a nun that is initial (the first consonant in a word or syllable).

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